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Specialized recover and reclaim the heritage value, historical, cultural and symbolic imagery of the entire Church. With a high commitment and responsibility that each project deserves arrival at our workshop. Provide care and respect in materials, procedure and technique that is been executed. There will also be exclusive images and sculptural groups on request in different materials according to the requirements. Each sculptural image and / or group is a challenge that unites us the passion and dedication.

Curriculum Vitae

Personal Data:

Full Name: Evelin Fuhr
Education: Teaching in Art,
National Institute of Arts (INSA) of General Roca, Rio Negro.

Seminar held:

INSA College Plastic:

Sculpture Workshop
Instructor: Hernan DPKO
Date: 13 to May 17, 2002
Load Time: 30 hours

Seminar Chair with human figure drawing
Professor: Ernesto PESCE
Date: August 31 to September 4, 2002
Load Time: 30 hours

Seminar Chair Art in Public Spaces
Teacher: Claudia Aranovich
Date: August 9 to November 15, 2002
Load Time: 30 hours

Professionalization Seminar Chair in Visual Arts Project to Exhibit
Teacher: Claudia Aranovich
Date: May 22, 2003 to November
Load Time: 30 hours

Lecture Courses: History of furniture from antiquity to the eighteenth century.
Teacher: Mora Cattaneo
Date: April 7 to October 28, 2008
Load Time: 50 hours.

Museum of Decorative Arts, Department of Cultural Extension and Outreach. Restoration of antique frames.
Teacher: Patricia Aparicio Bravo
Date: April 6 to July 28, 2008
Load Time: 32 hours.

Centro Cultural San Martin. Course marqueterie and luster.
Teacher: Patricia Aparicio Bravo
Date: August 5 to October 29, 2007
Load Time: 24 hours.

House of Culture Seminar Pre-Columbian
Art Speaker: Cesar Sondereguer
Date: 16 to August 18, 2002
Load Time: 16 clock hours

Conference on Education through Art
Date: from 16 to 19 September, 2005
Load Time: 21 hours lecture.


Congregation Homeless Mothers and San José de la Montaña.
4270 Lincoln Ave, Devoto, Cap. Fed Buenos Aires

Parroquia San Juan Evangelista.
Olavaria 486, mouth, Cap. Fed Buenos Aires

San Jose Church.
Ayacucho 1200, Recoleta, Cap. Fed Buenos Aires

Parroquia San Nicolas de Bari.
Av Santa Fe 1352, Recoleta, Cap. Fed Buenos Aires

Exhibitions and Awards:

-Exhibition of Drawings "Ironically Illusion of Innocence" Art Gallery and Multimedia Digital Home, General Roca (RN), 2006

-Selected to play shows in IMAGO Art Space Foundation Competition OSDE Neuquén Capital Argentine Visual Arts Award 2006, OSDE.

-Group Show "Three I's and absurd," House of Culture, General Roca (RN), 2006

- Collective exhibition "Art Marathon 12 hours continuous" Showroom "Merlot and Kisses" 2006-Sample "Being-is", Instituto Superior de Arte Nacional (INSA), 2007

-First Urban Art Show Open Air "Hearts Alive", Fundación Favaloro, 2006

-Special Mention in the Sculpture and Object Category XIV in the Provincial Exhibition of Visual Arts Culture Black River Agency, 2007 JURY

-Dimension in photography, stimulus category, section Monochrome. Title of the book "Good and Bad." Fotoclub.12 Park Photographic Group April 2008. JURY

-Dimension in photography, stimulus category, section Monochrome. Title of the play "Tea Time" Fotoclub Park Photographic Group. April 12, 2008

PB 2841 Bacacay B, Flores, Cap. Fed
Tel: 011 46375663
cel.: 011 15 5749 5799,